Course Description

Christian & Islamic Theological Issues presents a concise 11 hour explanation of these two very different worldviews. Dr. Tavassoli compares the concepts of God, Man, Christ, and the Scriptures in each worldview, and explains how these differences can be confronted when speaking with our Muslim neighbors. Presented from the unique perspective of a former Muslim, this class is sure to reveal an inside look into the theological differences between the two faiths.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Christian & Islamic Theological Issues

  • The Doctrine of the Trinity

  • The Doctrine of Man

  • The Islamic View of Jesus

  • What the Qur’an says about the Trinity

  • Christian Response to the Islamic View of Jesus

  • Islam’s Challenge of the Scriptures

Course curriculum


Instructor of MMWU Course #4 Christian and Islamic Theological Issues

Dr. Sasan Tavassoli

Dr. Sasan Tavassoli is a former Shi’ite Muslim from Iran. In 1985, Sasan came to faith in Christ as the result of the ministry of a group of American missionaries while he was living in Europe. Dr. Tavassoli is an ordained minister and has been involved in ministry within the Iranian communities in the US as a teacher and later as a pastor for the past two decades. Since 2006 the main focus of Dr. Tavassoli’s ministry has been teaching on Christian satellite TV. His Farsi broadcasts are aired in Europe, the Middle East and Iran on a regular basis. He also helps to equip the Church of Iran by providing theological education through conferences and seminars. Sasan travels extensively within the US, Europe and the Middle East to preach among Iranian Christians and is extensively involved in leadership training for the growing churches inside Iran. Dr. Tavassoli has also taught courses on Islam and Muslim-Christian relations at numerous seminaries in the United States. He is also the author of Christian Encounters with Iran: Engaging Muslim Thinkers After the Revolution. Dr. Tavassoli has graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary (MA), Columbia Theological Seminary (ThM) and earned his PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Birmingham, UK. Sasan and his family live in the USA. A gifted pastor, author and speaker, Sassan is available to conduct TV and radio interviews, speak at churches, youth groups and ministry events.