MMWU is designed to equip Christian leaders to effectively love and evangelize Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have 20 professionally produced video courses from some of the best scholars, seminary professors, cross cultural church planters, and missiologists on a variety of subjects providing the necessary training for Christian missions among Muslims. The curriculum is a combination of video lecture, live interactive online discussion, evangelism, reading, and written assignments.
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Online Master's Degree

A Pathway to a Master of Arts in Ministry with an Islamic Studies Concentration

God’s Bible School & College (gbs.edu) has partnered with Mission Muslim World University (mmwu.org) offering a pathway to receive a Master of Arts in Ministry with an Islamic Studies Concentration. This degree is designed for those with Bible college undergrad degrees who want grad-level theology and ministry training to evangelize and disciple Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s Bible School & College will award an MA degree to students who complete the 18 credit hours of core online-classes through God’s Bible School & College and transfer in up to 18 credit hours of completed online-classes completed through Mission Muslim World University.
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Unique to Mission Muslim World University are these components

  • Practical Evangelism

    The best education to learn to reach Muslims with the gospel is to begin meeting and sharing Christ with them yourself. This is why you will have required evangelism assignments for each course

  • Assigned Reading

    The Mission Muslim World University Staff lead by Dr. Joshua Lingel has built a curriculum including assigned readings from what we consider the best scholars on each subject giving you a robust education.

  • Self Paced

    MMWU Students can work at their own pace through the curriculum. We recommend people spend at least 8 hours a week which will allow someone to complete the full 9 course certificate program in about 1 year.

Raising Up the Next Generation of Leaders in Missions

Here is what you can expect to work through while studying with as at MMWU Online

  • Complete 9 graduate level courses

  • Complete all the assigned readings

  • Complete 36 Evangelism Reports

  • Learn the commands of Jesus discipleship model

  • Essential reading on Islam and Christianity

  • Write papers, handouts, and tracts

  • Start Prayer Meetings

  • Train a Group Yourself

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The answer to the global challenge of Islam is a discipled and trained church that loves Jesus.

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Dr. Ravi Zacharias President of RZIM

“RZIM is happy to endorse this vital and important teaching program, and we anticipate many gifted scholars and practitioners benefiting from the depth of insight, the demands of the curriculum, and the impact of the vision. In a world filled with much confusion, misunderstandings, and lack of clarity regarding Islam, we are confident that this effort will go a long way to offering a serious understanding of the historical and contemporary substance of Islam that will be beneficial to the church, society, and the ongoing engagement worldwide between Christian and Muslim thought and claims.”

Josh McDowell President Josh McDowell Ministries

“Having personally reviewed the proposals and teaching materials I can see that this organization will provide an educational and resourcing framework for the church that currently does not exist. The resources created by this strategic vision are essential to equip and train missionaries and lay leaders on and off the field in addition to bolstering the ministries of hundreds of organizations….I am personally committed to doing all that I can to serve the success of this ministry….Church based training is a trend and reality today…. There is no ministry that provides better training in churches for Ministry to Muslims than i2 Ministries. i2 Ministries’ “Mission Muslim World: Foundations” not only radicalizes the nominal church attender, but equips them to fulfill the great commission in their own life.”

Dr. Jay Smith - Founder of Pfander Ministries UK

“I am happy to join up and help support i2 Ministries training program MMWU, headed up by a long standing friend and colleague, Dr. Josh Lingel. Josh has the unique gifting of networking with some of the largest churches in the world who are engaging Muslims. He has helped train thousands of pastors and church workers in Indonesia, helped create a school in Brazil that has trained over 4,000 to reach Muslims, and is in the process of training leaders to take the gospel more effectively and passionately in around 45 countries (including Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Korea, Mozambique, Thailand, Indonesia, and India).

Dr. Darrell Bock Research Professor of New Testament Studies Professor of Spiritual Development and Culture (CCCL)

“This i2 Ministries video training offers a solid challenge to the church to be prepared to interact with Muslim objections to the faith and evangelize Muslims. It introduces the strategic ministry of i2 Ministries that seeks to meet this vital need in the church. This ministry fills a huge need, make use of what it offers.”

Dr. William Lane Craig Research Professor of Philosophy Biola University/Talbot School of Theology Reasonable Faith President

“As the Iron Curtain fell in the twentieth century, so the Islamic Curtain shielding the Muslim world from the proclamation of the Gospel is destined to fall in the twenty-first. The courses contained in i2 Ministries curriculum will help to equip churches and individuals to reach Muslims effectively with the life-changing message of Christ.”