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"I know of no other training that is even close to equal of that of Mission Muslim World University"

- Dr. Michael Licona (Author and New Testament Scholar)

Dr. Samuel Zwemer

"The Apostle to Muslims"

Samuel Zwemer contributed more to mission work among Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa than perhaps any other individual in history. He was a faithful missionary, a fervent mobilizer, and a foundational theologian for Christian missions among Muslims. Though he did not see scores of Muslims come to Christ, church historian Kenneth Scott LaTourette said he was the only one in history worthy to be called the "Apostle to Muslims." Zwemer founded the Moslem World Journal in 1911. The name of our school was inspired by the spirit of missions and scholarship that existed in that Journal.

Online Master's Degree

A Pathway to a Master of Arts in Ministry with an Islamic Studies Concentration

God’s Bible School & College ( has partnered with Mission Muslim World University ( offering a pathway to receive a Master of Arts in Ministry with an Islamic Studies Concentration. This degree is designed for those with Bible college undergraduate degrees who want graduate-level theology and ministry training to evangelize and disciple Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s Bible School & College will award an MA degree to students who complete the 18 credit hours of core online-classes through God’s Bible School & College and transfer in 18 credit hours of online-classes completed through Mission Muslim World University.

Unique to Mission Muslim World University are these components

  • Practical Evangelism

    The best education to learn to reach Muslims with the gospel is to begin meeting and sharing Christ with them yourself. This is why you will have required evangelism assignments for each course

  • Robust Education

    The Mission Muslim World University Staff lead by Dr. Joshua Lingel has built a curriculum including writing assignments, and reading from what we consider the best scholars on each subject giving you a robust education.

  • Self Paced

    You can enroll at any time and work at their own pace through the curriculum. You'll have 15 weeks to complete each course. We recommend you spend at least 15-20 hours a week allowing you to complete nine graduate-level courses in 15-18 months.


Currently, we have hundreds of students from over 40 countries

"World-Class Standards!"

Vijay (MMWU Student in India)

I am from Hyderabad, India. I have been in ministry for the past 10 years now. I minister among young people and especially Muslims. I previously received an MA in Theology and Apologetics from a bible college here in Hyderabad, and that’s how I learned about i2 ministries and MMWU. I then attended a conference organized by i2 ministries in India and God moved so powerfully that I dedicated my life to winning the lost souls among Muslims through that conference. Ever since then I wanted to get into a formal Christian Apologetics in Islam program to present the gospel more effectively with Muslims but was not able to due to financial constraints. Now, after receiving a scholarship to MMWU, I am actually pursuing my calling! I sincerely thank i2 ministries and it’s donors for the scholarship. I am loving my studentship at MMWU and enjoying every bit of it. It is one of THE best courses with a ton of resources, a wealth of information, and above all, world-class standards. Thank you i2 ministries and sponsors. I am forever grateful

"I became a certified trainer!"

Allan (MMWU Student and Missionary in Indonesia)

I'm a Brazilian worker who lives in Indonesia. It has been a great honor and blessing to receive a scholarship from MMWU. My first training was in 2005-2006 with Joshua Lingel and his wonderful professors who came to Brazil. Now, being in Indonesia for 7 years, going deeper through the MMWU online school is giving a new and deeper perspective of how to reach Muslims for His Glory. In the first course, I became a certified trainer and used the course videos to train other Latinos that are here, in China, Austria, and Brazil. Besides that, I have been having weekly meetings with an Iranian who works among refugees. I am so Thankful to Joshua, Ryan, and everyone who has made these courses possible for me, and our ministry, as well as SO MANY OTHERS. God Bless you all.

"Thank you for the Scholarship!"

Jeremy (Missionary and MMWU Student in South Asia)

"I am so grateful for MMWU and for the scholarship that enabled me to take the courses. I live in an area in an undisclosed location in South Asia that is 25% Muslim and is nearly completely unengaged by workers. These courses will not only enable me to effectively reach Muslims but will enable my entire network to reach throughout much of the North of this country to train and equip many pastors and leaders. Thank you for your partnership in fulfilling the great commission."

"Amazing intensive program!"

Tomas (MMWU Student in Sweden)"

As a former Muslim from Egypt, I can testify that this is an amazing intensive program to give you all the tools that you need to be ready and trained to confront the Islamic movement and win souls for Jesus Christ!

"Working Among the Fulani in Nigeria"

Ojo Adejumo (MMWU Student in Nigeria)

I am a Nigerian, serving as a missionary among the Fulani tribe in Nigeria. I had different involvements in mission for the past 10 years now, with a focus on reaching the Fulani Islamic Tribe in Nigeria. The MMWU scholarship has helped me by adding valued knowledge to my life. My work among the Fulani has improved tremendously both spiritually and intellectually. Being part of the MMWU program is actually divine help sent to me at a time like this. I learn new things at every lesson and courses, and I'm hoping to finish the whole program and become MA in mission and Islamic study. I am so excited to be part of this training. Thanks MMWU for the scholarship

"Comprehensive and Practical"

Isaac (MMWU Student in Kenya)

I'm a Kenyan missionary in Kenya among Muslims. I'm so grateful for MMWU giving me a scholarship to enroll in this school! The course is very comprehensive and practical. The essentials of the faith handout revealed to me how I should always be prepared to answer Muslims anytime with scripture references. Thank you so much!

"I am engaging Muslims without fear!"

Chinyere (MMWU Student in Nigeria)

I am a Nigerian resident in Nairobi. I have served as a missionary in the Sudan. I've published a monologue on Igbo Christians conversion to Islam and want to respond to all the participants' objections to Christian faith but couldn't because I didn't know how to do so. MMWU is preparing me to accomplish that! I am currently engaging Muslims responding to some of their objections without fear and timidity. I see many Christians just defending our faith but not responding to the questions Muslims throw at us. Most importantly is that it has helped me discover that the Bible itself contains answers to some of their objectives. For example, the Trinity is littered everywhere in the Bible! I am so excited to be part of this training. Thanks, MMWU!

"I simply cannot be quiet!"

Maisel (MMWU Student in Brazil)

The teachings within this course (every single one of them) are powerful tools in the hands of the Holy Spirit to instill and stir up love for God and for Muslims in the minds and hearts of Christians. The result of this divine action through this powerful initiative is a strong desire and supernatural boldness to share the Gospel with Muslims wherever they are. This course not only changed my life and attitude towards Muslims but also strengthened my faith and increased my gratitude for the fact that God reached me with the eternal Truth of His love, forgiveness, and salvation. I simply cannot be quiet.

"I've led 5 Muslims to Christ!"

Abass Mumuni Joseph (MMWU Student in "Ghana)

Even though I am a Muslim convert, I didn’t understand certain things about the Quran and a whole lot of things about my former faith. Therefore I was finding it difficult to engage with my Muslim brothers who are still in Islam But with the help of Mission Muslim World University I am now equipped and very eager to engage with my Muslim brothers, they have given me all that I need to know about Islam. I met Mission Muslim World University professors in a Ghana 4 Chirst Conference in 2018, and they give me a scholarship to study in MMWU and because of that privilege, I was able to establish my social media evangelistic association and apologetic ministry with a lot of Youth in the church. Now I have been able to win 5 Muslims to Christ. I’m very grateful that I’m part of this great ministry and I encourage everyone to enroll and take the courses very seriously.

"Best courses I have ever taken!"

Korede (MMWU Student in Nigeria) "

I have gone through several trainings on ministering to Muslims, the MMWU Schol is the most well-organized, intensive, engaging, and above all, the best courses I have ever taken!

Extremely Affordable

Tuition for MMWU Courses is based on a sliding income scale making them the most affordable graduate-level courses available.

Raising Up the Next Generation of Leaders in Missions

Here is what you can expect to work through while studying with us at MMWU Online

  • Nine graduate-level courses

  • Professional Studio Recorded Lectures

  • Learn from over twenty professors

  • An online interactive student community

  • Essential reading on Islam and Christianity

  • Write papers, handouts, and tracts

  • Evangelism Reports

  • A focus on making disciples

  • Start prayer initiatives

  • Become a Trainer-of-Trainers

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The answer to the global challenge of Islam is a discipled and trained church that loves Jesus.


Josh McDowell President Josh McDowell Ministries

“Having personally reviewed the proposals and teaching materials I can see that this organization will provide an educational and resourcing framework for the church that currently does not exist. The resources created by this strategic vision are essential to equip and train missionaries and lay leaders on and off the field in addition to bolstering the ministries of hundreds of organizations….I am personally committed to doing all that I can to serve the success of this ministry….Church based training is a trend and reality today…. There is no ministry that provides better training in churches for Ministry to Muslims than i2 Ministries. i2 Ministries’ “Mission Muslim World: Foundations” not only radicalizes the nominal church attender, but equips them to fulfill the great commission in their own life.”

Dr. Jay Smith - Founder of Pfander Ministries UK

“I am happy to join up and help support i2 Ministries training program MMWU, headed up by a long standing friend and colleague, Dr. Josh Lingel. Josh has the unique gifting of networking with some of the largest churches in the world who are engaging Muslims. He has helped train thousands of pastors and church workers in Indonesia, helped create a school in Brazil that has trained over 4,000 to reach Muslims, and is in the process of training leaders to take the gospel more effectively and passionately in around 45 countries (including Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Korea, Mozambique, Thailand, Indonesia, and India).

Dr. Darrell Bock Research Professor of New Testament Studies Professor of Spiritual Development and Culture (CCCL)

“This i2 Ministries video training offers a solid challenge to the church to be prepared to interact with Muslim objections to the faith and evangelize Muslims. It introduces the strategic ministry of i2 Ministries that seeks to meet this vital need in the church. This ministry fills a huge need, make use of what it offers.”

Dr. William Lane Craig Research Professor of Philosophy Biola University/Talbot School of Theology Reasonable Faith President

“As the Iron Curtain fell in the twentieth century, so the Islamic Curtain shielding the Muslim world from the proclamation of the Gospel is destined to fall in the twenty-first. The courses contained in i2 Ministries curriculum will help to equip churches and individuals to reach Muslims effectively with the life-changing message of Christ.”