Online Master's Degree

A Pathway to a Master of Arts in Ministry with an Islamic Studies Concentration

God’s Bible School & College ( has partnered with Mission Muslim World University ( offering a pathway to receive a Master of Arts in Ministry with an Islamic Studies Concentration. This degree is designed for those with Bible college undergraduate degrees who want graduate-level theology and ministry training to evangelize and disciple Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s Bible School & College will award an MA degree to students who complete the 18 credit hours of core online-classes through God’s Bible School & College and transfer in 18 credit hours of online-classes completed through Mission Muslim World University.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Graduate school tuition can easily cost $50,000 or more.  At Mission Muslim World University we are committed to providing you a pathway to the best online education at extremely affordable rates with our sliding income tuition as financial aid.

MMWU has given out over $100,000 in scholarships and financial aid in 2020 to students in over 30 countries. This is made possible through the financial donations of our partners.

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Standard MMWU Tuition is $440 USD per credit hour for our graduate-level courses. Each graduate-level course is 2 credit hours making each course $880. To finish all nine courses it will cost $7,920.

To enroll in MMWU students must apply for admission into the school and be accepted. Once students are accepted they pay tuition for each course, in full, up-front, with a credit/debit card. (No late payments will be accepted).

Anyone can audit any of the graduate-level courses for $199 each. (View Audit Courses)  

Students who have less than $60,000 USD *annual income can qualify for financial aid. 

MMWU will take into consideration students who have multiple children when offering them a financial aid package.  

Financial Aid will be given based on a sliding *annual income scale: 

1. Full  Tuition Price - [60K or more]
2. 15% Discounted Tuition - [59k-50k]
3. 40% Discounted Tuition - [49k-40k]
4. 60% Discounted Tuition - [39k-30k]
5. 80% Discounted Tuition - [29k- 15k]
6. 90% Discounted Tuition - [less than 15k]

To apply for financial aid fill out the full student application here

All payments must be processed through our online payment gateway using a credit/debit card.  If financial aid is granted to a student then a discount coupon will be given via email to be inputted in the payment gateway. 

*MMWU considers annual income based on income tax documents or if married the total combined annual income of a husband and wife.  Official income tax documents must be submitted during the application process to be considered for financial aid. 

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The answer to the global challenge of Islam is a discipled and trained church that loves Jesus.

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