All Students who enroll in the MMWU online training school will work through the self-paced curriculum consisting of nine graduate-level courses. This is one of the most comprehensive Muslim ministry training programs available globally equipping leaders in Christian ministry to Muslims. Certificates are awarded for each completed course certifying students as official trainers. Trainers learn how to launch a prayer, training, and evangelism initiative among Muslims.

Pathway to an Online Master's Degree

A Master of Arts in Ministry with an Islamic Studies Concentration

God’s Bible School & College (gbs.edu) has partnered with Mission Muslim World University (mmwu.org) offering a pathway to receive a Masters of Arts in Ministry with an Islamic Studies Concentration. This degree is designed for those with Bible college undergraduate degrees who want graduate-level theology and ministry training to evangelize and disciple Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s Bible School & College will award an MA degree to students who complete the 18 credit hours of core online-classes through God’s Bible School & College and 18 hours of online-classes completed through Mission Muslim World University.  

MMWU Students pursuing the Master's Degree must apply and be accepted into gbs.edu by going through the full admissions process. MMWU students must submit course completion certificates to gbs.edu for transfer credit.

The following mmwu.org MA Version courses will be eligible to transfer into God’s Bible School & College

  1. Islam’s Issues, Agendas and the Great Commission
    by Dr. Joshua Lingel | 2 Credit Hours
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  2. Christian Apologetics to Islam
    by Dr. Joshua Lingel  |  2 Credit Hours
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  3. Radical Evangelism to Muslims 
    by Dr. Jay Smith | 2 Credit Hours
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  4. Advanced Apologetics and Islamic Theological Issues
    by Dr. Sasan Tavassoli, Dr. John Gilchrist, Dr. James White,
    Dr. Josh McDowell | 2 Credit Hours
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  5. The Role of Women in Islam: Understanding and Responding
    by Prof. Beth Grove & Dr. Elsie Maxwell  |  2 Credit Hours
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  6.  A Survey of Missiological Approaches and Church Planting Among Muslims by  Roland Muller, Mike Shipman, Dr. Tony Weedor, and others.  |  2 Credit Hours
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  7.  Muslim Evangelism, Discipleship, and Freedom from Islam by Dr. Robert E. Coleman, Georges Houssney, and Dr. Mark Durie
     |  2 Credit Hours 
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  8. Islam's Plan to Change the World: Dawa, Jihad, Shiism, and Muslim Eschatlogy by Dr. William Wagner, Dr. David Cook, and Prof. Joel Richardson | 2 Credit Hours
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    More MA Version Courses Coming Soon...

The following GBSC courses must be completed to earn the MA Degree:

  1. Biblical Language and Technology  | 3 Credit Hours
  2. Biblical Hermeneutics | 3 Credit Hours
  3. New Testament Theology or Old Testament Theology | 3 Credit Hours
  4. Historical Theology Elective | 3 Credit Hours
  5. Systematic Theology Elective | 3 Credit Hours
  6. Biblical Theology of Holiness | 3 Credit Hours

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Extrememly Affordable

Tuition for MMWU Courses is based on a sliding income scale making them the most affordable graduate-level courses available.

Graduate-Level Courses

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